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Historical, Lighthouses
Absecon Lighthouse New Jersey Postcard
At The Entrance of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel Postcard
Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts Postcard
Cape Cod Lighthouse, Truro, Massachusetts Postcard
Cape May Lighthouse New Jersey Postcard
Caravan leaving Amara, Nubia, Sudan Postcard
Caravan Near the Second Cataract, Kolba, Sudan Postcard
Civil War Photo Postcard Headquarters: Army of the Potomac
Civil War Photo Postcard The Lincoln Conspirators
Civil War Postcard General Albert Sidney Johnston CSA
Colossal Statues at temple of Ramesees II at Abu Simbel Postcard
Copying coffin texts in the Eqyptian Museum Postcard
Copying inscriptions at Mastaba Tomb of Mereruka Postcard
Copying inscriptions at Wadi Halfa, Egypt Postcard
Copying inscriptions on False Door at Mastaba Tomb of Mereruka Postcard
Copying inscriptions on the Temple of Amun, Karnak Postcard
Documenting the reliefs of Ramesees II Abu Simbe Postcard Historical
Drs. examine the sarcophagus lid of Priest Harsiese Postcard
Examining Sumerian Statues, Tell Asmar, Iraq Postcard
Excavation near the double lion column base Turkey Postcard
Excavation North of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel Postcard
Excavation of Gateway of Citadel of King Sargon II Postcard
Excavation of gateway of citadel of King Sargon II Postcard
Excavation of The Aqueduct of Sennacherib, Iraq Postcard
Facade of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel Postcard
Fords Theatre Washington D.C. Postcard
Forecourt of Temple of Gerf Hussein, Nubia Postcard
Hooper Strait Lighthouse Maryland Postcard
Hypostyle Hall-Temple of Amada, Nubia Postcard
Interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel Postcard
Long Point Lighthouse Massachussetts Postcard
Mary Surratt House Lincoln History Postcard Clinton MD
Nauset Lighthouse Massachusetts Postcard
Nubble Lighthouse Maine Postcard
Owls Head Lighthouse Maine Postcard
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine Postcard
Photographing Inscriptions of King Thutmose I Postcard
Photographing inscriptions on coffins in the Eqyptian Museum
Point Judith Lighthouse Rhode Island Postcard
Portland Head Lighthouse Maine Postcard
Prospect Harbor Lighthouse Maine Postcard
Pyramid Tomb of the Nubian King, Tarekeniwal Postcard
Restoring the Eastern Stairway of the Apadana Postcard
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, Maine Postcard
Ruins of a dwelling At Nahkl, Batinah Interior, Oman Postcard
Temple doorway of Amenhotep III at Soleb, Nubia Postcard
Turkey Point Lighthouse Maryland Postcard
View of the Kaabaof Naqsh-i-Rustam from a cliff Postcard
View of the royal tombs at Meroe, Nubia Postcard
Watch Hill Lighthouse Rhode Island Postcard
Wood End Lighthouse Massachusetts Postcard