We needed a special place to share very special stories we've received from customers that exceed mere feedback. It is a pleasure to be able to make available older vintage pieces that you can't find in any stores. Over the years we've received wonderful testimonies and heartwarming stories about how a family heirloom was preserved.
Here is where we will start keeping them to share with others.

Thanks for filling our order so quickly. 
I want to tell you how I came to order from your website...

When my wife and I moved into our house years ago, one of the glass globes on the dining room chandelier was cracked. Over the years it eventually broke and had to be discarded.  Being unable to find a suitable replacement, we have lived with it as-is for several years now while we looked for suitable replacements. 

I found myself wasting time in a home improvement store last week, and I saw several new fixtures on a close-out sale. I took pictures of them and showed them to my wife. One was really inexpensive, but it would have required special light bulbs to work with our dimmer. Another one was nice, but it didn't really match the rest of our hardware and it had no globes at all, so I suggested we just remove the remaining globes from our existing fixture and leave it at that. My wife emphatically said, "no!"

I spent hours searching online for a suitable globe to work with our fixture and I came up empty handed. There were several that would fit, but they were either way too plain compared to what we had, or they were far too expensive.

Last Thursday afternoon, my wife came home from work and I told her my findings or the lack thereof. She wanted to see firsthand what I had found, so I went back to Google. I don't remember exactly what I typed differently that time, but I ended up on your web page www.momspenniesfromheaven.com where I scrolled down a bit to find what appeared to be a perfect match for our broken glass globe, chimney, hurricane, whatever. I showed my wife, and she said, "I thought you said you couldn't find it anywhere?" 

I double-checked all of the measurements and compared the online photo to the real thing to make sure the pattern was indeed correct. It seemed to match perfectly. There were only two left. My wife told me to order both, just in case one got damaged in shipping and so we could keep one as a spare.

Well, the box was on our porch yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.  Fulfillment in mere days after spending so many years searching.

I had a chance to put them up today. The floral design on the ones you sent is slightly yellowed as compared to our original white pattern. Otherwise, they are just perfect. 

I put up the two I ordered from you and I'm saving one of our originals, which has a somewhat odd shape compared to the rest, as a spare. I've attached a photo of our fixture with its mix of original and replacement globes. 
Thanks again,
J. Glaister


Hello,  I just wanted to thank you and send a pic of how beautiful your candle holders look in my Scandinavian chandelier.   I broke some of the globes and have looked for replacements for years.   Your globes are better than the originals--thanks so much!     
Best Regards, 
Rose Thomas  

I purchased the hardcover Pokemon book (the haunted gym) and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the extra surprises in there. The quality of the books are beautiful and the fact that you put 3 extras in was above and beyond my expectations. My daughter is a Pokemon fan and has been learning to read through the books. She has been so ecstatic about these new stories and we are all thankful for you. Thank you for making this time where kids are at home more than usual even more special and enjoyable. You made a little girls year. 

Thank you again,
Marquita McIntire


You Are Incredible! I am so amazed, and grateful. And so sorry I just found you, after all these years of shopping on line. I received my package from you today and I was just stunned. I have bought thousands of items on eBay over the years and never have I received anything so carefully and safely packed. It's as though you knew how much this little inexpensive item means to me. (For purely sentimental reasons, but that's too long a story to tell.) The fact that it came with free Priority shipping is incomprehensible to me. How you made any profit on this sale is beyond my understanding, considering the cost of shipping plus your time and effort in packaging, managing your inventory, communicating, etc, etc. Your time is always a factor in your profit. None of us want to work for free...we want to be paid for our time. : )

I found you quite by accident. I buy many things on eBay, have been a member for 20 plus years. I have had for many years a 'saved search' on eBay for anything related to Gardner McKay. I love his books (have read them all), the old 'Adventures In Paradise' series, the true story of his life and all that he did. He was a great man in many ways. I was looking to see if there were audio copies of his books for my road trips to visit my granddaughters in Mississippi, but nothing was on eBay. I did a Google search for them, and your website popped up with this audio book. I was unsure of shopping with a website I was not familiar with, but took a chance. I will be forever thankful that I did. 

You have a repeat customer for certain. When I want something I will come to your site first, before I go to eBay or Amazon or whoever. You've more than earned my loyalty. You've earned my free advertising of your website. I will be telling everyone about you! I can't wait to listen to the tapes. (I still have a cassette player, and also one in my older car.) I'm afraid I might have trouble enjoying the tapes as much as I thought I would because I feel guilty, like I've stolen them! I will make it up to you with future business.

Thank you so much for everything. You will be seeing me on your site again!

Karen Ellisor