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Shipping your purchase.....
Shipping is a staple of any online transaction, and we strive to ship our products in the most efficient way possible, usually within 24 hours of your order being placed, except for Sundays and Holidays when the Post Office is normally closed. Please make exceptions for unexpected emergencies and inclement weather. We work very hard to package your treasures to ensure they will arrive safely at your destination, just as they are shown in the listing. We will not scrimp on packaging materials, as that would not benefit you, the customer, or us. We ship via the United States Post Office and United Parcel Service. We reserve the right to determine which service would best deliver the product to you most affordably without compromising the integrity of the product being shipped. If either service is not available to you in your area, please let us know before purchasing so that we can be sure to make adjustments if need be.

Most payment services require that shipments be sent to a confirmed address. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their shipping address is updated and correct before placing an order. We will gladly agree to ship to another address on a case by case basis, especially if you are purchasing a gift for someone else. PayPal offers the option to add numerous addresses into your account and you would only have to choose that address when completing your transaction on the PayPal website. More on payment services will be covered on our Payments page.

A Word on International Shipping.
As of February 2013, International Shipping went up dramatically, in many cases making it very costly to ship common items to our customers outside of the United States. For this reason, International Shipping has not been incorporated into the shopping cart, but upon request, we can invoice our customers who have a serious interest in having their items shipped via USPS International Mail. We will ship most items, provided they are not prohibited and/or restricted by the purchasers home country. Purchasers will be liable for any tariffs or taxes charged by their Post Office upon receipt. Please be aware, there is no tracking available once your purchase reaches customs and leaves the United States Border. A list of restrictions can be viewed here at the United States Post Office Website:

If you are an international customer, you will not be able to purchase directly. Please send me an email, specifying the item(s) you wish to purchase along with your location so that shipping charges can be calculated. You will then be sent an invoice through Paypal for the entire amount, due and payable within 24 hours of receipt. Once the invoice has been paid, your item will ship to you.

Special Shipping discounts on certain categories:
ALL Audio Books ship FREE (via USPS Media Mail)
ALL Postcards ship at no additional charge after the first one, in the same transaction.
ALL Music ships at no additional charge after the first one, in the same transaction.

For everything else, we try to Combine Shipping:
We are always happy to combine shipping for your purchases made at the same time. For items that are over 13 ounces, we used Calculated shipping which sets the price by combined weight of all items set up in the same fashion. This happens automatically. However, there is no way the system can combine fixed rate shipping with calculated shipping. If you have a special request or concern about shipping numerous items, please contact us beforehand and we will set up a customer order which will show one price for shipping all items. Please include URL Links (from your browser bar) so that we can accurately identify and capture the listings you are interested in. Otherwise, shipping will process normally as it is set up to do so within it's capabilities. Please note, Large Bulky and Fragile items can not ship with other items in most cases. Please contact us first if you want to combine anything with a larger fragile item. It is in both our interests to insure that your purchase arrives safely at your destination.

One final note:
The retail industry has used the term "Free Shipping" rather loosely as a way to give the impression that the customer will not be charged a shipping fee over and above the price point for their purchase. 

It is our intent to explain the following:
Shipping is not free, no matter how it is stated. Someone has to pay the shipping company for transporting the packages to your destination. The industry, however refuses to accurately label the practice as "Shipping Included". And this is what is done. The shipping and overhead fee's are figured into the price point and passed on to the customer so that one all inclusive price point is shown....leading the customer to believe that shipping is paid for by the retailer.
The retail Industry refuses to use the term Shipping Included, but we want you to know that this practice is deceptive, and if we could over-ride and change it, we would. Please know that any item listed in this store with Free Shipping, simply means that shipping has been included in the price point. No additional shipping fee will be added at checkout for items sold in the USA that offer Free Shipping.  

For any questions or concerns regarding our shipping policies,  please email us.