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Garden Accents and Center Pieces 

Created From Vintage Glass

 I have always loved and admired the character of Vintage Glass Patterns. 
 It seems today’s generation is not so attracted to it though, so I decided to come up with a way to not only preserve these  beautiful pieces and keep them out of landfills, but to turn them into Garden Accessories that make their characteristics  even more enjoyable AND environmentally beneficial to the wildlife that they attract to your landscape. 
 This hobby has now become a new product line in our online store Mom Pennies From  Heaven. 
 The items you see in this category are multi purpose and can be used in so many ways. Some examples are Garden Bird  Baths, Garden Sculptures, Centerpiece Sculptures and Displays, Candy Dishes, Cake Plates, Serving Platters, Plant  Stands, and anything your mind can envision! They are titled as Garden Accents, but can be used in other ways too.
 Each piece of glass is hand picked for it’s unique design and matched with coordinating pieces that come together to  make an eye catching and multi-functional garden decoration. Whether situated in a flower bed in a bed of mulch, as a  plant stand on a porch, or as a centerpiece used indoors or out, it will certainly make a statement. You’ll find Bird Baths  and Garden Totems or Garden Ornaments of many different sizes. In the near future, I hope to attempt some hanging  feeders as well.
 Below is a sample of what is currently available for sale, and if you are local to the Salisbury, NC area, you can pick one  up here and save on shipping.

 Inventory will keep changing as new ones are born and others sell.
 I have also been playing around with the idea to make these kits as well so they would be easier to ship. All images are  clickable, and we hope you’ll stop by today to check out this new line of garden glass. 
 See all available selections here: 

  Copyright 2013 - Moms Pennies From Heaven

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